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Nick taught me piano for years, starting when I was in kindergarten. His love for music is reflected in his teaching. Not only was he a great teacher, helping me advance more and more every session, he also brought out my passion for instruments and music. Although I haven’t taken lessons from him in a few years, I still remember many of the techniques he taught me, and a lot of my songs.

Camryn G.

I’ve known Nick Haemker for 15 years, and to this day I believe he is one of the most dedicated musicians I’ve ever met. Nick has spent years refining and expanding his knowledge on a variety of musical instruments, genres, styles, and techniques - and more than that, he is deeply passionate and sincere in his work.  Nick leads with a unique approach that fosters the creativity of each student, and centers their goals and interests. In the years I studied piano with Nick, I felt equally challenged and supported, and left every lesson with new insights and firmer understanding of the instrument. I cannot recommend Nick Haemker enough, and am entirely confident in his capabilities - whether you’re just beginning, or searching for someone to take your skills to the next level, Nick is your guy!

Erin M.

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